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ROULEZ VERT PROGRAM - Discounts and benefits

The Roulez vert program of the Government of Québec encourages the acquisition of new and used electric vehicles and the installation of charging stations. Learn more about the amounts of financial assistance that will help get you running on green power!

Discount for a new vehicle:

The Government of Quebec offers a purchase or rental rebate to individuals, businesses, organizations and municipalities in Quebec who wish to acquire a new electric vehicle. This discount can go up to $ 6,500.

IVEZ Program Discount; Federal government.


Incentives for purchase and rental:

As of May 1, 2019, we will offer a point-of-sale incentive to consumers who wish to buy or lease an eligible zero vehicle. There are two categories of incentives:

  • The $ 5,000 incentive, which targets battery electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that can travel long distances.
  • The $ 2,500 incentive, which targets plug-in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

To be eligible for the iVEZ program, you must buy or rent:

  • a vehicle for six or fewer passengers, the base model of which has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of less than $ 45,000;
  • more expensive versions of these vehicles are also eligible for a purchase incentive, as long as the MSRP does not exceed $ 55,000.


Privileges of a Green Plate

  • Free access to several ferries in Quebec
  • Privileged access to reserved lanes, when the signaling allows it
  • Free access to highways 25 and 30 thanks to a transponder obtained from the authorities of these toll infrastructures, as part of a pilot project
  • Free parking in some municipalities



Refund for a charging station:

Do you own or rent an electric vehicle? You can take advantage of financial support to buy and install a 240-volt charging station in your home. The amount offered by the program can be up to $ 600.

Aid granted

The financial assistance granted consists of two amounts:

  • $ 350 for the purchase of an eligible charging station;
  • $ 250 for the installation of the charging station and its electrical power infrastructure.

To receive these two amounts, the applicant must provide proof of the eligible expenses incurred.

Eligible expenses

  • The costs of acquiring a charging station.
  • The costs of labor and materials required to install the power supply infrastructure.


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